about Us

Hi, I'm the Gluten Free Foodie and on my blog I've been getting hundreds of tips and recommendations of places to share. While there's only one of me I couldn't go and review them all. So we made Gluugle. We all know how it feels to be somewhere new and not too sure which places understand us, and none of us want to be stuck with just a salad. Just open Gluugle on your phone and you instantly get all the inside tips and reviews, wherever you are. It's like having a great big group of gluten free friends giving you their personal recommendations. When I talk to restaurants and bars about providing more options for us, the same question always comes up – 'If we do go to the effort of getting gluten free products in, how are we going to let the gluten free community know?' Well now we have the answer. Gluugle.

So we'd like you to become part of the Gluugle community.

  • - Add places that you've discovered to share them with everyone else
  • - Review places you've been, let people know what's good to eat there
  • - Search for places near you and search for places when you travel.

Restaurants, bars, hotels and cafes will all be able to shout about what they've got to offer, thanks to you adding them in and reviewing what they're up to. It's good for them and it's great for us.

We'd like you to let businesses know that you are going to add them to Gluugle so they feel good about doing the right thing and encourage them to get in more of your favourite gluten free items. Because the more we can convince pubs that it's worth their while serving a gluten free beer, the more we can encourage local cafes to serve gluten free bread and the more Italian restaurants that get in gluten free pasta, - The more choice there is for us all.

Thanks, Caz.